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Federal Tax Identification: 88-0331362

PRS CS, Inc. was established as a desk-top publishing firm in 1980 providing print, illustration, copy-prep, formatting, corporate identity, brochures, flyers, and similar material made possible by the advances in imaging and word processing software. In June of 1993 the World Wide Web as we know it was launched and CeeMe® was established by PRS CS, Inc. to handle the electronic publishing of inter- and intra-nets. As the electronic publishing side grew, CeeMe® carved a niche for itself by providing high quality Websites to non-profit organizations and small business. By 2000, several additional Web specialties were added as were several clients. 

To meet administrative needs of growing non-profit organizations, in March of 1997 PRS CS, Inc. launched Carol Paterick™ to provide fiscal and trustee services including invoicing, money collection, accounting and check preparation; secretarial, technical and administrative services; telephone, and voicemail service; membership and customer management; small and large email and postal mailings; meeting and planning including tasks related to hotel selection, hotel and food service liaison, special guest handling, and similar functions; and of course, tax filing, marketing, and advertisement. 

Company strengths are the ease of working with us; our ability to handle a wide array of tasks quickly, dependably, and efficiently; our wide-ranging knowledge of association and business management. 

Much of the work over the years has been donated and volunteer services to several non-profit organizations including WIFLE (Women in Federal Law Enforcement), NCWP (National Center for Women and Policing), AREA (Aquatic Resources Education Association), BSN (Business Sharing Network), Elizabethtown Aquatic Club, and many communities, most of whom we still work with.

Prs Cs, Inc. is a long-time member of the IWA.

Prs Cs, Inc. is a long-time member of the IWA.

About Carol Paterick


A Lot of Firsts!


Carol Paterick

Carol Paterick retired from INTERPOL-US June 2001. During a 32-year Federal career:

-First woman to be appointed as Assistant Chief INTERPOL-US responsible for national and international investigations, police and agency support, and US infrastructure for telecommunications and IT. (Secure global police communication services; operational data services and databases for police; operational police tactical support services; and,  training and development for officers on an international scale.)

-Federal Contracting Officer; procurement specialist; budget officer; direct Congressional Allocation Officer; EEO investigator; and, human resources manager.

-First woman to head Employee Relations Branch of the Government Printing Office in its prior 125-year history. At that time the agency was 98% male, 96% blue-collar.

-Negotiated the first-ever work contract between attorneys and a labor union in the Federal government for the U.S. Department of Justice. 

-Created, marketed and implemented the original Federal CPR Pyramid Scheme to train Federal instructors and employees in CPR. Formally recognized by the White House.

-As a position classification and staffing specialist obtained and implemented first-ever Office of Personnel Management approval to a Federal agency to directly hire and pay individuals at special rates for scientific, engineering, and laboratory positions. 

-Was the second person on-board in the newly created Federal Energy Administration (FEA), the predecessor to the Department of Energy. Was the last person to leave the transitioned FEA. At that time I was the sole Federal employee who got an opportunity to both open and close a Federal agency.

-Co-wrote the book "Handling Cases in Front of the Merit Systems Protection Board" as part of an interagency task force created for the purpose. At that time I was the "lowest" graded Federal employee authorized to represent and defend their agency personnel actions at the MSPB. The book was the definitive instruction to Federal Agencies on conducting cases in front of the Administrative Law Judges. Although updated over the years, my original work is still the core of the book.

-Created and managed national and international meetings with various venues, security, personalities, and requirements. Ran and managed the first-ever USA-hosted INTERPOL Executive Committee Assembly with attendees from all corners of the globe.

-For most of career, held part-time and seasonal positions in law enforcement fields; e.g., communications, media and public relations, testing, validation and certification of various police equipment, resource officer for many venues.

-Since June 2001, managed and developed Prs Cs, Inc. on a full-time basis to be a full-service firm offering a wide range of support and assistance to non-profit organizations and small businesses.