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  • Corporate Liaison Services
  • Due diligence in financial matters
  • Legal compliance with current Internet and privacy regulations
  • Intellectual property laws  and guidance
  • Organizational communications, branding, media relations

Perspective & Experience

Since 1993, we have exceeded client expectations. If you need help with business support, look no further. 

  • Business management 
  • Web development
  • Conference sites, registration/payment systems
  • Membership management
  • Reports and analysis
  • Bulk mail, blogs, more...

Adding Value, Saving You Time to Run Your Organization

 Most successful businesses will tell you they could not have accomplished their goals without help. Our core principles and strong mission shape our efforts. So find out how we can make your organization easier to manage. Call us today.  We can save you time! Carol 301-805-0784

Member of PRSA

Marketing and media management, branding, crisis management,  copywriting, magazine/newsletter creation and publication, media releases and corporate communications.

Generate excitement

We can help develop language to showcase your organization in its best light.  Why choose us? Because you can't run a successful business in secret! 

Watch Your Numbers Increase

We will help you manage your membership so you can work to increase your member numbers. Campaigns, news placement, member communique and more.

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